Xbox One vs Playstation 4 CONTROLLER Comparison! New XB1 PS4 Game Pad (XB1 PS4 Controllers Review)

Xbox One vs Playstation 4 CONTROLLER Comparison! New XB1 PS4 Game Pad (XB1 PS4 Controllers Review)

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robthedrummer says:

It’s personal preference. I think the ps4 analog sticks move too far and
have to much play. I had a tough time with them att playing the Xbox for a

antvenomm says:

the only reason why its so small it because about 70% of the players around
the world a kids,teens,(youth)

Godly Spartans says:

i like the overall Xbox One controller but I prefer the PS4 or any
playstation controller for fighting games (DBZ,Mortal Combat,etc)

alchestbreachfan100 says:

I like the xbox controller more because it doesn’t feel as cramped as the
playstaition controller. (this is based off the ps3 and xbox 360
controller. haven’t tried these ones yet to make a personal opinion.)

Vegetsu101 says:

I would enjoy playing PC with the Xbox One Controller because controllers
offer so many ergonomic positions to play in. I tried using the 360
controller for PC but that was inferior to my current Razer setup because I
had issues with my sweaty hands when using the controller. Also I must
point out that I have tried the Xbox One controller by my friend’s house
and it felt better than sex.

AinTDemonz says:

i loved how you tell the truth… xbox controller grip is wayyy better than
the ps4 controller. many fanbooys saying the ps4 controller is now better
because of the middel botton and new curves. but at the end people know
that the xbox one controller has a better grip, feeling. And that is what

WhiteMagic says:

LMAO you an Ali-a post the same fucking shit its great!

AserGaming says:

guys you DON’T necessary need the batteries to charge the xbox controller,
everyone complaining about the batteries thing obviously never played xbox

j14mp says:

spas hands jeez

Juggernaut Joe says:

PS4 controller>>xbox1 controller

Allen Huang says:

you didnt mention the new d-pad on the xbox one controller. thats gotta be
a big improvement. i also heard the bumpers on the XBO controller feel
cheap and the controller doesnt feel as solid as the ps4 (i.e. rattling).
true? really nice vid, man. 

giovannibravo9 says:

You have to admit, even if you’re a ps4 fan that the xbox one controller is
sick and the ps4 is gay. Just because it has a touchpad doesn’t mean

TheRageEnterprise says:

I personally think the ps4 controller feels soooo much better

The_Whitshadow_KWT says:

Clicking the touchpad is the (select) button.

Justin Faber says:

the button works as select thats why you can press it

chris raine says:

Slow down i can’t understand you 

NAzr-_-waZR says:

TmarTn: The new bumpers on the Xbox One, that’s that shit I don’t like! 5:33

TheRageEnterprise says:

With the ps4 touchpad, can this only be used with PS4 exclusives, because
how are games going to work on the xbox if a feature uses the touchpad?
Good job sony for adding in this feature. The best microsoft could do was
force you to use the kinect

Insomnia Kitten says:

there is one thing my friend was talking about and he said that they’re
should be multiple sizes for controler’s no console as made a size
selection for controler’s and i think that makes it hard for some people
like the xbox one controler is kinda large for kids and makes it hard fro
them to experience the game properly and the ps4 controler is harder on the
big handed people/teens and adults thumbs up if you agree 

kyle Paterson says:

so your saying the PS4 controller is better for people like me with small
hands. and xb1 controller Is for people who have giant hands

Junior Barreto says:

ps4 is better

adrian reimer says:

PS4 controller has so many useless fetures 

Arcadias1595 says:

People still have paper calendars?

Dannymartialarts says:

Still has batteries? Are you kidding me?!

TheBlackKatana says:

The PS4 controller is sexy.

Daniel Stojanoski says:

whoever likes xbox are lossers!

Jasmine Aidan says:

Take the PSN Points You can get it here:

julian valencia says:

Ps4 way better and smoother

Adam Gawthorpe says:

Xbox one controller 

AbasikMusic says:

A speaker in the controller thats kinda cool, ow wait another thing Sony
copied HA

deshawn culmer says:

i like the ps4 more better than the xbox one

RustySh4ckelfrd says:

A light bar that indicates health….that you can’t even see. Seriously,
what’s the point of the light bar? The person holding the controller can’t
even see it.

xdmderp says:

The Xbox d pad is COMPLETELY NEW HELLO! you forgot to mention that lol.

phoenix epic-rolfe says:

you can play a ps4 controller on a xbox or pc same with xbox


Do u have to pay for multiplayer on the ps4

melaniekaulitzroels says:

ive never got why people said the xboxcontroller is better but i didnt know
they shoot and aim with lb and rb(i think thats what its called) so i tried
pushing my r2 as a shooting button and you guys are right. it would suck to
use it rofl. i guess thats why playstation uses l1 and r2 as standard

Krishna Tunica-El says:

Why are you fanboys so mad? Just give credit where credit is due. I started
off with a xbox and would’ve gotten an xbox 360 as an impulse buy but, I
thought about what I wanted then chose a PS3. I don’t claim allegiance to a
machine. It’s just preference, and nothing to be offended about. 

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